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Hardwood Flooring Cost Tampa

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Hardwood Flooring Costs In Tampa

Hardwood Flooring Costs in Tampa

Floorig Costs

Although hardwood flooring costs vary from one Tampa flooring installer to another, they are all influenced by the same factors – installation, type of wood, and the removal of existing flooring. Flooring made with hardwood planking is a popular choice because it offers durability, solidity, and beauty. For many people, the additional cost to install this type of flooring is well worth the results. Here is a breakdown of the costs associated with this endeavor.

Cost to Rip Up and Remove Existing Flooring

While some flooring installers located in Tampa and the surrounding communities include the cost to tear up and remove the existing flooring materials, other companies charge a separate fee to do so. Be sure to ask for an itemized list of the services that you get with the quote that you receive. The cost to tear up and remove your old floor will depend on the type of flooring material and the size of the room or rooms involved in the process.

Cost of the Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood flooring costs are most often influenced by the type of wood that you choose due to the fact that some styles are more expensive than others. In particular, solid hardwood planks are the most costly, while laminate flooring is much less expensive. Moreover, the depth of the plank influences the price that you are charged. Hardwood flooring typically ranges between 12 mm and 22 mm in depth, a feature that enhances the ability to restore the flooring after many years of use.

Cost of Labor

Labor costs are based upon the amount of time needed to complete the work. Therefore, hardwood flooring costs are more expensive when a larger area is involved.

If you are considering hardwood flooring installation, speak with the Tampa flooring company about the costs before you make your final decision. Choosing a different type of wood or completing one room at a time might be a more affordable option for you.

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