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tampa tileThese days, tiles come in a vast array of styles, sizes and colors. Expertly chosen and fitted, they can look amazing in kitchens and in bathrooms, on walls and on floors.

Our range of tiles come from some of the best tile flooring suppliers in the U.S.A. Tiles are very versatile; easily adapted to walls, surfaces or floors, they look smart, are are very hard-wearing and have an easy-to-maintain finish.

Tile Flooring & Backsplashes Are The Trend!

Tiles have many great properties but are often overlooked. They make some of the best floor surfaces around and are adaptable enough to be used on work surfaces in kitchens and as splashbacks in bathrooms and utility rooms. All the tiles from TwinBrothers are highly durable and great-looking, and come in a large array of sizes, colors and patterns.

  • Tiles are durableDense and robust, tiles are great for heavy use surfaces in kitchens and bathrooms, and make particularly good hard-wearing floors.
  • Tiles are hygienic: Due to their very dense structure, tiles are actually very good for your health. When they are kept clean, microbes and microorganisms that cause a large number of allergies don’t stand a chance.
  • Tiles are versatile and great-looking: With tile manufacturers now producing many more patterns, styles, colors and sizes, this makes them easy to match to existing décor and units. With a multitude of combinations to choose from, they’re almost limitless in the way they can adorn surfaces, walls or floors.

Common Tile Flooring & Tile Backsplashes Questions

Yes, the variety and range of our tiles makes them extremely versatile, and with our expertise we can choose and fit tiles to your exact specifications.

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