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Vinyl Flooring TampaVinyl flooring comes in vinyl tiles, vinyl sheets or vinylplanks. Vinyl flooring is a highly versatile flooring material.

Quick and easy to produce, it will suit all flooring budgets – but it will still provide you with a stylish finish from a range of many colors and patterns.

For relatively little cost, our range of vinyl flooring designs look smart and do a great job when properly fitted.

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Vinyl has improved greatly in recent years, so a budget flooring requirement these days doesn’t have to mean any compromise on design. TwinBrothers floors has completed many vinyl flooring jobs that simply look amazing! The choices of vinyl flooring in our showroom is enormous, so there’s almost certainly a color, pattern or design to suit your requirements.

  • Vinyl flooring Is A Cost Effective Flooring Option: Vinyl is mass-produced, mostly in twelve-inch or eighteen-inch tiles.
    This makes it highly versatile to fit any space, but more importantly, it makes it one of the most cost-effective.
  • V is for Variety: Vinyl flooring can be laid a thousand different ways with vinyl. The vast choice of colors and patterns, and how it can be fitted – in tiles, sheets or planks – means our Tampa flooring experts can deliver a job exactly the way you want it.
  • Choosing Vinyl Flooring: Vinyl flooring can be laid as a single sheet, cut to the exact dimensions of a room, or it can be laid in tiles or planks. It is a very flexible way to cover a floor, and we can advise which options will suit your room best.

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We know it is sometimes difficult to know which vinyls to choose. Our fully qualified staff will take you through the full range of options available, including popular Trinity vinyl. We can recommend the most suitable vinyl combination to make your floor look fabulous.

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